1. Adjusts to your needs

...when you want!

✓ Appear offline at will

✓ Schedule live classes

✓ Online material in cloud

...what you want!

✓ Social network

✓ Virtual classroom

✓ Learning management system

...how you want!

✓ Practice skills socially

✓ Live classes in style

✓ Interactive content available

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2. Emerging social concept

Pen-Friends vs Socializers


It was a common practice to have a pen-friend for the exchange of knowledge. Every letter would have to stay for a long time to the mailbox until the postman picked it up. Then, the letter would have to travel a long distance to the recipient's door and once there, it would be placed aside to be read at a time of convenience. Eventually, the recipient would spend some more time composing a response and become the sender himself by dropping the new letter to his own mailbox. This procedure could last from days to months and only a few letters would have been exchanged. It was not an easy task and certainly not something everyone could do.

The FASTEST Present

Fortunately, these days are left to the past! If you wish to have a pen-friend, nowadays, you only have to join our social network, find a social partner and start collaborating within minutes or... seconds!

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3. Intuitive UI design

Developing an application that is suitable for every user, be it a tech savy or one typing 5 characters per minute, has always been a challenge for web agencies. With a deep understanding on user needs and the importance of simplicity without any loss of functionality, this full-featured solution has been specifically designed with ease of use in mind.

Can you handle social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn? You will have absolutely no problem with our solution. In any case though, you can always drop us a line to let us know.

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4. Unlimited comfort

There are no better conditions for education, other than the atmosphere you create on your own. Next to the fireplace with your robe or pajamas, maybe in the park or with a cocktail on the beach, that is up to you to decide. This solution is portable and there is nothing to download! Take it everywhere, whether this is your home, a hotel or your grand-parents cozy house in the countryside. Only you can set up the conditions that help you take the next step in the world of education.

The best of 'em all, you are given access to state-of-the-art digital tools for distance learning at the distance of a click, so that you don't have to spend a fortune in fuels looking for some quality in your education.

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